Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For fear of going on, a rough shorthand:

last day Fashion Week > RMIT Student Exhibition > [among] many interesting works my favourite = Objecthood by Rose Megirian > = small chest of drawers/collections [by numerous participating artists] of objects + ephemera > = beautiful, and everything I love

inc. small things, miscellaneous/delicate arrangements, words/scraps/poetry, ideas/care/slowness

+bonus > pieces beneath glass > *look like* sunken underwater treasures [in photographs]?

The exhibition piece was an extension of ojecthood.tumblr.com, created by R. M. 'in collaboration with 9 key participants'. The short accompanying essay by costumier Megan Parker alludes to all kinds of interesting things including the relationship (if they can be separated) between a 'real self' and a constructed/adorned/surrounded self identity, and describes the project as a reminder "to a world weary audience of the power of personal choice over marketing psychology and trend forecasting."