Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I had twenty minutes to myself in town this Saturday and, having charged up the City Library's central staircase, I was saved in some way by this mad proud pink creature atop the giant, dogged bumble-bee.
This is one of about a dozen paintings by Victorian artist Matthew Clarke that comprise his self-funded solo show, Matthew Does Art. It ends this Friday, and I think it's worth a look. The compositions and colours are really, really, really great and I love all the funny faces - I suppose I should be content to just admire Clarke's pictures but I really want to keep one.

Any of the pieces would have a pretty demanding presence in one's home - it would be like inviting a very noisy friend (and their pet elephant) to stay indefinitely.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

These brooches were made to accompany lemon and white iced cupcakes, and all sorts of other divine little things. They were commissioned by MM (see her nice blog) for a magazine shoot.

Photographing work is often surprising/fraught. Sometimes I am disappointed by qualities that are lost or diminished; other times the image really aids the piece. The latter is the case here. I shot these in early Winter when the sun seemed always low in the sky.
Evian Lee (formerly of Von, with Lui Hon) made two sets of exquisite collars for the shop, for LMFF in 2009 - one set from plaster of Paris, the other from tyvek (with tiny tyvek-covered buttons) ... We also displayed some of the calico toiles because they were too beautiful not to.