Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chronicles of Loss.

As previously alluded to, the Loved & Lost project had taken up unexpected residency in one of the attended lifts at the Nicholas Building. A terrible incident occurred, involving a great many high school students, and a high school student's great foot, or feet. This resulted in a squashed installation unit, which subsequently went missing, and - worst of the worst - a unique, handmade piece of work went missing with it.

I made an unhappy tour of the building, with sticky-tape ...

... and, very luckily, some days later ...

... the piece was found.

I can admit now that the piece is titled, 'Lost'. Artists were invited to contribute works inspired by themes of loss or discovery; Kyoko Osato created this beautiful hand-stitched 'landscape', which represents the snowy winters in Japan that she missed when her family moved to Australia.

(After such excitement, and with the arrival of dear Spring, I've decided to put the whole project to bed for a while – but it will be back next year).

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