Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another look:
Poster design by Katsumi Asaba

This Issey Miyake postcard, which arrived chez moi from Tokyo via Sth Yarra, related to an exhibition of garments/textiles/technologies produced with/for I. M. by artisans from Tohoku. The Spirit of Tohoku was arranged earlier this year, following the series of catastrophes in Japan that hardly need naming.

"KAMIKO" by Issey Miyake, 1982; photograph by Eiichiro Sakata.

This site gives a good sense of the exhibition, and the feeling with which it was conceived and assembled. The 'message' from Issey Miyake is very touching, I can't read it without tears. I particularly admire his description of tradition, which, he says, 'does not imply formalities or manners'.

Photography by Eijiro Morri, taken Sept. 12, 2011

The symbol of the spirit of Tohoku, has become the lone surviving pine on Takata Matsubara beach, and the people's efforts to employ their craft and tenacity to save it. 

Unfortunately, the pine is not doing well, which is a reminder that even though the disaster is no longer news, blank blank blank - you understand.

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