Thursday, September 29, 2011

#3 neckpiece by Michael Bruton

Last week for Michi: a story about Lin Moniang inspired by an exquisite piece seen at the Love Lace exhibition in Sydney.

My visit north was short and fraught with misfortune - by the time I was blown into the Powerhouse, nigh closing hour, I was unable to form ... words ... and was waved down the ramp with a concession ticket, having accidentally passed myself off as a pitiable young foreigner. Looking through the online catalogue, I can see much that I missed - but I did happily see:

Arcadian Brooch by Stephen Gallagher

Lacqueus mask 2 & gloves by Cherelyn Brearley

[A cast of my left hand in the shape of a] glove by Nava Lubelski

Bone by Kate Campbell Pope

(F) Detroit's Shadow by Anne Mondro; (R) Shadows of Memory by Michelle Eastwood

More photos and plaint at Milly.

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