Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is the last day of October, and Frocktober. It is 11.15 at night and my work is almost complete. I would have liked to have uploaded one drawing per day in a civilised fashion but this blog is not called Disorganised for nothing.

At any rate, there are now 31 sketches of 31 dresses on Milly's front wall; 29 originals - the couple pictured above were sent off a couple of days ago (to lead everyone onto the dance floor at last Friday's Official Frock Party and raffle). All reserved sketches will be packaged and sent in the same way - framed loosely in an A5 card, dated, and labelled with the name and designer of the dress. I am collecting tax-deductible donations of any amount in exchange for these sketches. All proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, to assist the organisation's research into such things as the development of an early detection test.

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