Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Question Twist Waist dress by Kuwaii

Leather singlet bag by Lui Hon

Soft Drop by Lui Hon

Numbers twenty-two and twenty-three were special suggestions by generous sponsors, and feature Wednesday and Ra. That's Ra hanging out in the pocket of the bag that can be worn as a dress (truly), and Wednesday below him - she is pretending to be asleep but I know that she knows that we are talking about her.

I never tire of watching my cats and, in fact, I keep thinking that I should make videos of them grooming and proffer them for their therapeutic benefits.

P. S. Speaking of little wretches, I have skipped number twenty-one but only temporarily - it's been 'finished' three times but when I look at it up on the wall among the others, I can't stand it and have to take it down and start again.

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