Monday, October 3, 2011

I could be quite wrong but I think the highest peak in this photograph, taken on the ferry to MONA, is Mount Wellington. If you click on it you might be able to discern the dark snow-free face that I think is Wellington's 'Organ Pipes' - wonderful 'columnar' dolerite rock formations that 'happened' in the Jurassic period, when 'Tasmania' split from Antarctica. !!!

Some days later, two of us would be tiny dots surmounting that peak. !!! Having just this weekend given life back to the boots that almost didn't but did get me there, I decided it was time to post some pictures of the Hobart adventure.

I didn't take zillions of photographs of the artwork inside MONA - only bits and pieces, including the foyer ceiling, the fishies inside the curious wunderkammer, some artifacts, and 'Bit.Fall' by Julius Popp.

One of the other best things we did was spend an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens.

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