Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday was a good day. I managed to make this simple invitation, and construct five one-line poems with scalpel and glue to submit to Volume Three of Steamer.

I would mention a Vietnamese dinner on Victoria Street but I didn't take in the name of the restaurant, so I can't. Except to say that you take the 109 tram from East Melbourne along Victoria Parade, dismount at Lennox Street and cross the road. You pass by several eateries, wonder to yourself why any proprietor would choose a meaty dahlia pink for the interior walls of their establishment, realise that you really are short of time, stop at the window of a long restaurant that (in your mind now) has a low-level mezzanine - and a choice of green or yellow or black chopsticks - and you enjoy a tasty meal of tea and spring rolls and noodle soups.

Later you forego a tram and hurry up and down Church Street, to find the "ethereal" She Hunter performing at the GB.

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