Monday, May 24, 2010

This is the leather lunch bag.

Wendy came up with the idea when we worked together for a design festival project a couple of years ago. I made it up as close to the design of an ordinary paper bag as I could, using imperfect remnant leather. Several heinous leather jackets have since been made into quite nice bags.

Originally, I didn't worry a great deal about whether or not the lunch bag could be used (or used regularly) because it's really just a nice object - there is an affinity between the original item and the simple replica that is pleasing - but I've always vaguely promised that I would come up with a more practical version, something a little bit more robust, with a detachable strap and a different closing mechanism. I've never been able to visualise this reworked bag in a form that convinces me... until this morning, when I think I caught a glimpse of it, in the shower.

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