Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks to Kim and Nella of Craft Vic, pictures of my rosettes (made for Insert Coin Here) were published at The Design Files. Then - thank to Lucy of TDF - I received a commission from Megan Morton to make four more rosettes for Bea's christening. There's a little, delicate one for baby Bea, and three funny larger ones for three fairy godmothers. I took these photos in a rush before leaving to deliver the pieces to Megan, while she was in Melbourne doing book-related things.
I worked with muslin and silk organza (and miscellaneous remnants). Naive designs painted onto the under layer were inspired by this most beautiful Kandinsky book. I learnt how to do the French knot.
I came across the Rittenhouse x Husmann/Tshcaeni collaboration in the midst of making, and was able to go to Incu while in Sydney last week to see the pieces in person. The imagery is both sweet and sensual (to me).
Bea's piece is just a single layer of organza, with some fine old lace that I bleached.
After I'd finished, my head became full of the idea of my new career as full-time French-knotter, and I bought this needle-case from Penelope Durston's Cottage. It's made from vintage fabric and the design is based upon a thing of the past.


  1. OH lovely! Baby Bea is perhaps the cutest child in NSW, and now the luckiest too.

    Thanks so much for the link :)

    Now I want a rosette too! I so loved your Insert Coin Here ones.... Do you have more for sale in your shop!? I must come and visit sometime! x

  2. Hi Lucy! Very nice to see you here. Yes, please drop by the store some time. We are wanting to undertake some rearrangements so you can either come in Before and lend expert advice or After, to admire.

    I would love you to have a rosette. At the moment, I am just doing made-to-order things via - I can either vaguely replicate pieces that I post about here, or work to specific commissions. Keep in touch x