Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Some months ago, I was approached by Margaret Hiatt to produce a series of simple illustrations for her book, Stepping Up. Margaret Hiatt works to help people become more confident when speaking in public, and is a coach/mentor to all kinds of professional women. She also takes a good photo and bakes a lovely fruit loaf.

Stepping Up is full of tips and encouragement for people who aren't quite where they want to be with their work/work-life/life. I had a really good time doing the illustrations and, having also had a hand in the book's layout, I am happy that it's now printed and ready to go. As for the content, it's not really the sort of thing I would ordinarily seek out or even think about ... which is probably one reason why it's had quite an effect on me! - to have simple, practical ideas about such things as time management, goal setting, perfectionism and procrastination, rattling around in my brain.

Please click on the ill.s to expand.

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