Saturday, May 21, 2011

Better to see ... better to run (go/work etc.)

(Because I am a slave to convention) I spend a lot of time with my laptop atop my lap - and all manner of other things (books, phone, coffee-cup) within reach. I love the fact (it is also annoying) that any vacant areas of lap greater than the size of a fifty cent coin, will be considered an opening, an invitation - by one or both of my cats. Oh what a very merry party, say they, tiptoeing across the lot to settle themselves down in the centre of it all, rendering me incapable of operating my elbows.

Best in competition ... best for you...

Speaking of the subtlety of cats - an edge or an ear of the top Marchal poster was visible at The Design files recently. I had to look it up... turns out to be an ad for spark plugs...

How great?

Thanks: the first was found via Galerie Montmartre and the second at a fanatic's flickr stream (where there are a few others).

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